Bali Part I-It’s a place to HAVE FUN!

April 30, 2014

Continuing the prologue, Now it’s time to review some great beach club! Bali is well-known for its beautiful beach and various beach club. Which is great, cause sea and sand only could be boring without drinks and people right? Located in Seminyak, Potato Head and W Hotel and Beach Club ready to amaze you!

Having the location next to each other, these 2 beach club got different characteristics. Both of them got stunning scenery to the beach, and it reached its best on the sunset. So be there at 5 PM to get the great spot for the sunset-watching. The first and the most mainstream one: Potato Head and W Hotel. Both of them located next to each other. W hotel give us a tranquil ambience while potato head could bring us some club vibe. For the food and beverages, in my opinion there’s nothing special, but it won’t be hurt to order one or two from the menu while you enjoyed the beautiful sunset.

Not so far from Potato Head and W Hotel, there is another one named Mozaic Beach Club. If you went here by car, you have to take the long road ahead, So I recommend you to take a walk from the seaside. From W Hotel beach, just turn right and follow the seaside. After a 5 mins walk, you’ll get yourself into another part of the beach with “Mozaic Beach Club” board. Here is the not-so-mainstream place to spend your sunset. It’s not crowded although the place is kinda small. The food is not that different than Potato Head and W Hotel, just order the lite bites and some fresh juice and you’ll be fine.

There’s another mainstream one which is Kudeta. Located In seminyak, this is the place you don’t wanna miss. As usual, I won’t have any opinion about the food and beverages cause it still in the mediocre line. What I love in this place is the red umbrella along the seaside. The great scenery is still enjoyable although you miss the sunset moment.

What I recommend is: Rock Bar! Located in quite a distance from Kuta, this place was built in Jimbaran. Just go far south from Kuta, and launch your GPS haha. The place itself is a bar in a resort named Ayana Resort. This is the place I love the most to enjoy the sunset. The place is just extraordinary! We have to take an—sort of—elevator. Be patient because this elevator only had a small space and it has a maximum capacity of 6-8 people. It took about 1 minute for the elevator to bring you to the bar. During that time, you could see the view of Jimbaran. And it’s JAW-DROPPING! Once you arrived, make sure you got a nice seat to enjoy the sunset. I recommend the one near the balcony. It’s a high risk though, because at that place, sometimes you get the water splash—a huge one—from the sea. But fortunately it’s not a tidal wave.

Gee.. Sorry if this guy (me) is bothering you!
The one that available here is only a light bite. There’s no such thing like a big feast, so prepare your tummy. I order some Potato Wedges, Curly Fries, and Pita Chips. I ordered Orange Breeze and Virgin Lavender to make a perfect companion with my bites. The food is good; it came with 3 choices of sauces: Hummus, Curry Mayonnaise, and Tomato Ketchup. I love the Curry Mayonnaise the most. For the drinks, I love Orange Breeze better. The services at this place are quite good too. The waitresses are so perceptive, responsible and informative. They offer us a good spot to take a photo and serve us perfectly. A pricey tag kinda worth-it, though. For a person you would have to spend about IDR 150,000-200,000.-.

There you go for the perfect places to enjoy the sunset in Bali! Enjoy and cheers! J

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