The Complete Travel Guide to Raja Ampat, The Heavenly Beautiful Archipelago!

August 14, 2014

After a long hiatus due to high load in my (boring) office, I decided to write a post in my blog. Well, this post is NOT primarily about the usual post—food—instead, I will share to you guys about my trip to Raja Ampat. Raja Ampat is an archipelago located on West Papua Province, Indonesia. Well-known for the coral reefs and numerous underwater creatures, its scenery is undeniably a jaw-dropper. Well, I guess everyone already knew about this beautiful Raja Ampat, the coral triangle, Diver’s Paradise and whatsoever, but the frequently asked question: How to go there?

Worry no more, cause I will guide you through this post.

First, you need to go to Sorong, West Papua Province. This district is a gate to go to Raja Ampat. You could reach Sorong by plane from several places. But I do realize most of the people would go to Sorong from Jakarta, Denpasar, or Makassar. Here are the (several) available flight to Sorong: 

Jakarta – Sorong: Rate about USD 200++ one way
Jakarta – Sorong: Rate about USD 300++ one way
Denpasar – Sorong: Rate about USD 200++ one way
Makassar – Sorong: Rate about USD 180++ one way

And hey, you could book the flight easily using the service from or! I recommend to take a flight with arrival time in Sorong on 06:30 AM, or at least before 02.00 PM, because you need to take a ferry from Sorong to Waisai, Raja Ampat. And the ferry is only once a day, departs on 02:00 PM every day. There’s another option to travel by a private boat, though, but it costs you much more than the ferry. Ferry would cost you about USD 20 one way, while a private boat costs you about USD 1000-2000 (capacity: up to 15 People). But using a private boat could give you much more benefits. Other than it could carry up to 15 people, you could explore Raja Ampat freely. Because, There are several places in Raja Ampat isn’t accessible using public transportation. Besides, the ferry only brought you to Waisai (biggest town in Raja Ampat), so if you want to explore another part of Raja Ampat, you have to rent a boat from there or you could join the fisherman’s boat or public boat (and don’t expect it would be on schedule).

Scenery From Friwen, Raja Ampat

Jaw-dropping Surface

When I went to Raja Ampat, I stayed in Dive Lodge Resort. It’s a nice resort located on Mansuar Island. Room Rates is about USD 250++/pax, (for min 10 people included Breakfast, Lunch, and Dinner). If you’re a diver, you have to spend more pennies for rental equipments, diving fee (USD 66++/pax for min 2 people), and Conservation Fee (USD 40++/pax). To dive here, you need to fill the forms from Raja Ampat Dive Lodge, Diver Certification, and min 50 log dives. These requirements are absolute, though, so to any divers who want to witness the jaw-dropping underwater creature, you better prepare yourself to be a qualified one!

Dinner, Snorkeling, and Breakfast in Dive Lodge, Raja Ampat
These are the popular spot in Raja Ampat, and I already step my feet on several destinations as listed below:
1.       Friwen
2.       Sawingrai
3.       Arborek
4.       Manta Point
5.       Wayag
6.       Yepen
7.       Pef
8.       Hidden Bay
9.       Kabui
10.   Saleo
11.   Waiwo
12.   Kurfarak
13.   Mansuar
14.   Manta Sandy
15.   Swanderek
16.   Pasir Timbul
17.   Pyanemo

My recommendation, you have to go to either wayag or pyanemo to be able to pose like this:

Taken from the top of Pyanemo Island - Go to Wayag if you want a harder track

Another recommended place for me are the rest of it, cause most of the places I listed are so beautiful, got a white sand beach, and good for snorkeling and diving.

Ooh don’t forget to stop by at pasir timbul. This is the place where the sand appeared when the water level was low. And no doubt, it’s beautiful here!

Pasir Timbul, Raja Ampat

If you’re interested and have a plan to go to Raja Ampat, just contact me via email twitter or instagram @iaszZ , I could help you J

For further information regarding Raja Ampat, you could refer to Indonesian Tourism Official Website here:

Local Kid Climb a Coconut Tree and He Gave One of It for Me! Yummy :)

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