The Singapore Street Food

May 30, 2013

So I went to Singapore and I got some food reviews! As Singapore is an international country, I’d make this review in English. I beg your pardon if my English is not good enough. For the first post, I would have the Singapore Street Food review!

Well, Singapore is soo different with Indonesia. The pedestrian walk is so huge and is not dominated by food seller. The only one that I could find in Orchard road is these ice cream stalls, spreaded along the road. Usually the seller is an elderly man, and most of them speak Indonesian Language fluently. It’s not that surprising as so many tourists in Singapore came from Indonesia, so maybe they already get used to it. The Street Ice Cream is kinda simple, the old man got several options of flavour, we have to pick one of it, and choose whether we have it with a bread or wafer. I chose the Strawberry Ripple with bread. It’s so delicious and the color is sooo tempting, it could refresh my sore body. And I think this is the cheapest street food that I could get in Singapore. As the hot weather in Singapore could make your temper become hot too, I guess buying this Ice cream is the best way to replenish your emotion.

Got another walk at night in Orchard Road, in which the stores already closed, I found another street food stalls, well it looks like a food court though, and it’s so neat. So I take a look around and I think I would have Braised Duck Noodle and Soya Sauce Chicken Set. For Indonesian people like me, it’s kinda expensive. All of the street food from the same type in Indonesia is so much much cheaper, and guess what. Both of the menu I ordered is a little.. terrible. The taste is just plain, the presentation is a lil messy and I feel nauseated after a short time I ate them.

Another surprising street food that I could have in Singapore is the mini coconut. So this one could be found near the Mustafa Centre, just take a lil walk across the street. This thing is delicious too. And you have to be fast cause it’s selling fast! But don’t worry, after it’s sold out, the seller could restock it in 15 mins. Everything in Singapore is so fast, though.

Well, I think for the Singapore Street Food, I recommend a light one like Ice Cream or the Mini Coconut, as I had a terrible experience having a big feast on the street. Or if you still curious to have a meal on the street, better choose it carefully, cause maybe I just had a wrong decision. Have fun in Singapore! J

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