Bali – The Prologue: Oberoi Road, the narrow streets with a wide selection of a goooooood restaurant

January 23, 2014

Talking about Bali, pictures about vacation, holiday, surfing, beach, and culinary are running through our mind. Well, yes, indeed. Bali could give you everything you want! With a gorgeous scenery to undeniably great taste of dishes, Bali is a must place to visit at least once in your lifetime. After the posts about my culinary adventure to Papua-Makassar-Malang, it’s time to explore Bali! Although Bali is not as big as Papua, it gave us much more selections (even uncountable variation) of food. Western, Asian, Greek, Traditional Balinese—you name it!

I’ll post my culinary adventure in Bali and I would post it in several parts, because I really go to MANY MANY PLACES. From a place you want to spend for the sundown, till the place you don’t wanna miss to reinventing your aura with yoga. Uh-oh I use English for the posts regarding Bali, cause English is already like a primary language here.

Without further ado, here we go!

Right after you landed on Bali Island using a plane, you’ll got yourself in Kuta area. This is the most common area that tourists spent their holiday. I recommend: “don’t waste your time here!” there’re so many better places you should go, one of them is Seminyak Area. The one that I would recommend is Oberoi Road. Here, you could find so many restaurants with a great taste and reasonable price.

I went to Kaizan (Japanese), Rumours (Western), Mykonos (Greek), and Ultimo (Italian). Kaizan is a loveable Japanese restaurant. Packed in a two-level building, it’s not something you gonna miss. Usually it’s not too crowded and that’s why it’s cozy. The selection is wide, so I chose several sushi rolls: Spicy Tuna Roll and Special California Maki. The rolls itself are just Okay, it’s delicious but nothing special, just like the other Japanese restaurant. The strengths of this restaurant is the service and the cozy place, I think. For the price, it’s just okay too, cause 2 rolls just cost you about IDR 80,000++

Rumours and Ultimo came from the same management. Both of them are strongly recommended for the value for money while giving you a delicate and tempting dish. These over-crowded restaurants sometimes would drive you mad. Because, once you’re on the waiting list, it would take FOREVER for you to make it. Sounds like a hyperbolic statement, but it doesn’t. So it would be better for you to reserve it before you came.

Rumours and Ultimo is a western restaurant—while Ultimo has a specialty in Italian menu. Both of them are not pricey at all. It’s amazing they could hold on up until now. In Rumours, I ordered Cheese Burger and OMG the size is BIG! And the taste is GREAT. And the good news is, it’s CHEAP! Just for an IDR 30,000.- you could have it!

In Ultimo, I ordered Filetto Di Manzo Con Funghi E Vino Rosso—A Grilled Australian Tenderloin Steak with Portabella Mushroom and Red Wine Sauce, Penne Gamberetti E Spinaci—A Penne Pasta with a mixture of Shrimp, Cepes, Chopped Tomato and Sauted Spinach, and for the dessert I ordered Tiramisu—everybody knows the famous tiramisu, I think. All of them are delicious! I think a note for my steak, it would be an ordinary one without the red wine sauce. It would cost you about IDR 100,000.- to eat here.

Last but not least, I have Mykonos, the Greek Restaurant! I ordered Sirloin Steak, Fried Seafood Platter, Mouzaka Beef, Beef Ragout, Mykonos Shoarma (Beef), and Dirty Greek Martini. Surprisingly, it tastes better than all the restaurant in Oberoi that I mentioned before. Sirloin steak is so juicy yet chewy at once. The Seafood Platter is fried just fine, Mouzaka beef and beef ragout is a huge one with so many beef and a little Italian taste in it (because of a similar taste with a lasagna and macaroni), Mykonos Shoarma is a delicious and a full-packed beef and vegetables in a Pita Bread and it’s good for two people. For the beverage, Dirty Greek Martini is a strong one. It’s not recommended for the casual people. Unfortunately, Mykonos is a little pricey. At least you have to spend IDR 125,000.- to eat here.  But due to the BIG size per served, I think it still worth the price.

Well, that’s for the Oberoi Road in Seminyak, Bali. Wheh, for the first time in my life I post 4 Restaurants at once! If you’re interested, then go to Oberoi Road, Seminyak, Bali. It could be reached using taxi or motorcycle and it’s easy-peasy! Cheers J

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