Koala Hugging in Australia

August 13, 2016

Koala is one of Australia's signature. I bet people who visited Australia will put koala hugging in their bucket list. But one thing that even Australian may not know about Koala is: There are many states in Australia that doesn't allow you to hold or hug them. So ever wondering why so many people take a selfie with koala but they didn't even hold them? it's because Queensland, South Australia, and Western Australia are the only states in Australia that have Koala holding experience. So if you visit two of the most famous cities in Australia—Sydney and Melbourne—don’t expect to hold the Koala, because Sydney is located in New South Wales while Melbourne is located in Victoria. 

In my own opinion, Queensland would be the best bet for koala-holding experience as this state offers the widest range of zoos and wildlife parks. Whether you travel around Cairns, Brisbane, or Gold Coast, you won't miss this one in a lifetime koala-holding experience. Besides, there will be so many thing you could do besides Koala Hugging in Cairns, Brisbane, and Gold Coast. I, myself picked Gold Coast because I would like to visit Warner Bros Movie World too.

The most famous and popular wildlife experience in Gold Coast is offered by Currumbin Wildlife Sanctuary. This chance would be available all day everyday from 8 AM till 5 PM. You could either buy the single admission ticket and pay additional fare for koala hugging photos or purchase the koala experience bundling package for AUD 79. This koala experience package consist of some special arrangement and explanation from the rangers plus exclusive koala hugging photos. Anyone who purchased this package would have to gather in determined meeting point by 3.30 PM. My recommendatio would be the single admission ticket because it would be more flexible to you to take some snap with the koala, because as I said before, the koala hugging experience would be available all day everyday from 8 AM till 5 PM. Furthermore, the single admission ticket usually sold in a bargain if you purchased the ticket from tourist centre in Gold Coast Airport. The cheapest option for koala hugging photos would be AUD 29, while the discounted single admission ticket (which sometimes bundled with a discount coupon for the food) would cost you AUD 25. So you only spend AUD 54 in total, cheaper, flexible, and hassle-free!

Besides the koala hugging, you could find so many Australian animals, including kangaroos and wallabies (they're so similar but in fact they're different!). I love this Sanctuary because it's so vast and you could find that many of the animals here are not spending their days in the cage, but they're roaming all around you. it really is a wildlife experience! 

Another thing that would worth to expect are the animal shows held in this sanctuary. (Kindly check the show schedule in its official website because it's subject to change). Furthermore, you could deposit your bags in the front office. I really am a satisfied visitor! In order to reach this place, you have to ride the bus number 700 to the currumbin wildlife bus stop. It's so easy! 

Another option for koala hugging in Gold Coast is Dreamworld, but I prefer Currumbin Wildlife Sanctuary. Anything you choose, be sure to check out the promotions online or in tourist center!

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