Food Hunting in Gold Coast

August 08, 2016

I am a sweet tooth and I am proud of it. So I decided to grab some sweet things first before dinner, so I step my feet to Cavill Avenue, the street and pedestrian mall in Gold Coast. For starbucks tumbler collector, finally you could find one here, cause Starbucks coffee is rare to find in australia! There is a bunch of restaurants and cafe here, and I decided to stop by in Max Brenner chocolate.

This well-known chocolate cafe has been built since 1996. This is my first time to try this, though--based on some recommendations from many sources.

As I step my feet inside, the scent of sweet things was everywhere. Then the friendly lady behind the counter asked me, "what do you like to order?". Quite a hard question for now I think, as I wanted everything on the menu! Then I decided to order the belgian waffle with milk chocolate.

Max brenner deserved its fame! That's what I thought after I took my first bite of this scrumptious dessert. The waffle is crunchy yet tender at once, and the milk chocolate is just perfect. The price is just fine.

When the night comes, it's time to grab some dinner.  Unfortunately, Gold Coast became so quiet at night, as most of the shops in Australia is closed at 5 PM (except on Saturday). Inspite of it, there're several areas that still open till late. Fortunately, there're Cavill Avenue and Surfers Paradise which are still crowded till late. But, there's another area that you should consider, and it's Nobby Beach area.

It's not as lively as cavill avenue and surfers paradise, but it has the best restaurant in Gold Coast—Hellenika! Hellenika is a dim-lit traditional greek fine dining restaurant. The waiters are so nice, they try to arrange a table for me even though It was so crowded back then and didn't book my table in advance. I wait for about 15 mins for my table to be ready, meanwhile the waiter offer me some recommendations regarding this greek cuisine.

It happened that there is a limited edition menu, and usually it would be sold out before you know it. Cause it always be the reason for people to get here: ARNI STO FOURNO (classic baked lamb). Luckily, it's still available so I ordered this limited edition menu for AUD 55, Quite expensive especially for indonesian people like me haha.

When the Arni Sto Fourno came, I didn't expect that the lamb is so BIG! I give it a try, and surprisingly the lamb is so tender. But somehow it's a little bit flat, so you could dip the lamb to its sauce or add some pepper to add some taste if it feels tasteless for you. I, myself, add a just a lil bit pepper on it, cause I'm not a fan of salty dish. Other than that, I ordered the greek salad to supply the vegan needs in my body haha. besides the food, I love the mood of the restaurant, it's so busy but somehow comfortable. the dining room itself is quite big and the greek ambience is quite authentic.

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