Where to witness the Sunset in Sydney

April 07, 2017

Today is a very sunny day in the morning but suddenly it’s darker than usual in the evening. Before this gloomy weather turned into something more daunting, I decided to write about Sydney in another post.

Sydney Opera House - Daytime

A trip to Sydney wouldn’t be complete without a visit to Sydney Opera House and Harbour Bridge, they say. Well, I couldn’t agree more! The building and the bridge are splendid. There’re several spots to view these incredible landmarks. The most common viewing spot is right in front of the Sydney opera house, yet it’s the most crowded one because you could get Sydney Opera House and Harbour Bridge in one frame (and it’s the easiest spot to reach). Even though it’s crowded, I took some shots there, and before you go, please note that there’s a sea lion rest area near the Sydney Harbour Bridge. If you’re lucky, you could find an exhausted sea lion there, dozed off ;)

Sea Lion

I wandered around the complex before I hop into the ferry in Circular Quay. I rode the ferry to manly wharf to enjoy the sunset. Depends on the season, the sunset time may be vary. In my own experience, it happened around 5.30 PM. During the trip to manly wharf, the sun set in between Sydney Opera House and Sydney Harbour Bridge, swallowed by the sea. Truly, truly amazing! Thanks to my friend who gave me recommendation regarding the ferry, it really is outstanding!

The Sunset

Arrived in manly wharf to get some bites, but be careful because the lorikeet could snatch any food from your hand. They’re beautiful, but sometimes could be so hungry I guess? Haha. Manly wharf is another lovely place but I didn’t stay long there and I made my way back to circular quay. Even though it’s dark already, the view from the ferry still is magnificent because the whole city was covered in glimmering lights—different beauty compare to the sunset, but I ain’t mad at it.

Sydney Opera House - Night

After that, I spend the night in Darling Harbour and had a dinner there. In Kazbah, a nice middle-eastern restaurant, to be exact. Love the Shish Kebab the most! By the way, even though the usual Australian single dish would be enough to share for two people like me, please note that the menu in Kazbah is designed to be shared. So it means that it could be shared for more than two people haha. The price is just right and the food was nice. Time to call it a day! ;)


Shish Kebab
The Shish Kebab!



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