Top things to do in Australia!

September 23, 2017

Okay it's not the whole Australia, though. Just some part of south east Australia consist of queensland, new south wales, victoria, and tasmania! I should've write about my trip to Blue mountain and Tasmania in a single post as they deserve it, but I decided not to. So if you have any question regarding those two, don't hesitate to DM me on my instagram @iaszz
So here's my list!

10. Visit the controversial art museum in tasmania: Museum of Old and New Art (MONA)
If you asked people what attract them to visit Hobart, Tasmania, well most of them would say that MONA is the reason. From a man-made digestive system (which works like OUR actual digestive system with regular time of feeding and—sorry—pooping) till the death room. You'll find it's weird, somehow cool in occult way, and maybe could be offensive for some people. With great e-guide, one of a lifetime experience, and unexceptional collection, I guarantee you won't regret your visit!


9. Pay a visit to three sisters at the blue mountain
Located in katoomba—just 2 hours from Sydney by train—this blue mountain is so vast and you can do many activities here. You won't miss the three sisters as there're some viewing spots to witness its beauty here.

8. Experienced the wild wild west era at Ballarat City!
Formerly a gold mine, this museum is a great place for family with its wild wild west setting. Don't forget to buy some pastries at their bakery, as it really is delicious! you can read my post about Ballarat here!

7. Find some unique things in a bargain at Salamanca Market
Open only on weekend, it's not only a magnet for shopaholic. From foods till accessories, it really is a great market with good price. You could find nearly anything here. There're so many street musician that perform here too. Definitely a must-visit if you spend your weekend in Hobart!

6. Take some walk in Brighton Beach
A walk in the beach is always a good idea, especially in Brighton Beach. The air is so fresh here with some colorful bath boxes that would ease your mind. You could read more about it here!

 Caprianist in Brighton Beach

5. Eat, eat, and eat!
What you have to try is absolutely australian Meat Pie! I would recommend Harry's Cafe de wheels, as they serve the best meat pie. Don't forget to try their fish n chips, anything with their cheese, and ribs! You can read some of it in my previous posts, just like the one about Ribs and RumpsPonyfish island, Kazbah, Helm Bar, and so on!

Hawaiian Pizza by Helm Bar & Bistro


Ribs, Ribs, and Ribs!

4. Strolling the Bondi Beach (and swim in icebergs!)
Bondi beach is undeniably beautiful. Everyone who visited this beach would make some kind of self-aware nod when read this, I believe! I recommend to swim or have some drinks in icebergs while enjoying this breathtaking view! Read more about Bondi Beach here!

Bondi Beach Scenery from Bondi Icebergs

Mocktails by Bondi Icebergs

3. Witness the sun drowning between Harbour Bridge and Sydney Opera House
Okay these 2 landmarks are already great whenever you witnessed it. But I've seen a better version of these two, with additional guest which is the sun. To see the sunset, I would recommend to ride the ferry from manly wharf to clarke quay for the best view. Depends on the season, the sunset time may be vary. Read more about my sunset experience here!

The Sunset

2. Soak at an outdoor hot tub at opossum bay
Tasmania is the coldest region I've experienced in Australia. That's why soaking in a hot tub would be a great idea. Furthermore, opossum bay offer a soothing, superb view of Hobart in distance, with a cool breeze and some bird's chirping. It really is another level of tranquility!

1. Hug Koala!!

This is the best thing you should do in Australia in my own opinion! As an origin animal of Australia, Koala surely has its own charms. They would melt anyone's heart with their absolute cuteness. Read more about it here!

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