Best Roasted Duck and High Tea Experience in Taipei, Taiwan!

February 16, 2018

I bet one of the best thing to do in Taiwan is culinary adventure! Taiwan is famous for its xiao long bao and bubble milk tea, but Taiwan is more than that! I, myself, didn't know that Taiwan has a great Roasted Duck! Furthermore, who would think about having a High Tea in Taiwan? As we all know, High Tea is common in United Kingdom (and maybe some countries in Europe), but not in Taiwan. So luckily I could find those two things in Shangri-la Taipei!

There’re several restaurants in Shangri-la Taipei, and my favorite one is Shang Palace. This is where you could satisfy your tummy in a perfect way! The signature menu of this restaurant is its roasted duck cooked in two ways. This duck would be served as two dishes: sliced duck wrapped with pancake and braised duck bone soup with taro and milk! The chef itself would come, cut the duck in front of you, and served it just for you! Other than that, I really love its gastronomic dessert.

Not only that, you could spend some time having a lovely high tea featuring a Taipei 101 look-alike rack in Marcopolo Lounge on 38th floor! It really is a perfect place to chill. Normally, this is a set for two, but I could finish it all by myself! The finger foods are so tiny so it's just feel right and won't make you fully loaded. Some petit cakes are theme-based. So you could find a different one depends on what's going on right now. In my case, I got the Christmas-themed cakes. The scones are delicious and I love to have it with the butter provided. the cookies are quite hard, but it's tasty! The bread pudding is lovely. Not to mention an enticing variety of drinks and cocktails!

After all, this culinary experience in Shangri-la is a great one! I really enjoy my culinary adventure in #ShangrilaTaipei , and I would definitely recommend this hotel to everyone who visit Taipei!

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