Undeniably the Best Hotel in Taipei!

February 14, 2018

First of all, Happy Valentine Day!

it’s been a while since my last post, and now I want to share about my incredible experience at Shangri-la Taipei! Located in the heart of Taipei as the tallest hotel in the capital city, this luxurious hotel is one of a kind!

I’m quite surprise when I arrived in my room, because the room is spacious, with a big and TV-enabled bathroom, furnished in contemporary décor and a great cleanliness! I got the one with Taipei 101 and panoramic city view right outside the window, it really is a jaw-dropping scenery! the bathroom amenities by L'Ocitanne is also provided, and it really made me enjoy my bubbly experience in this bathroom. The TV inside would make yourself more comfortable to spend much time here!

The bed is so comfy with a TV in the middle of it. There're some workspace that you could use to get your work done with your laptop, and it's facing right to the window with that eclectic view. Some couch is available on the other edge of the room, with a tiny table in between. The room is bright in the morning and it would magically turns into an exceptional and beautiful city lights view when the night comes.

Furthermore, I got an exclusive access to the Horizon Club. This is the place where you could enjoy the spectacular views while having a delectable breakfast, all-day refreshments, and evening canapes and cocktails. Their a la carte menu are scrumptious, and my favorite one is its waffle! The waffle is juicy but soft at once. Kinda like a belgian style. It's sweet, but not too much, that's why I really like it. The staff here is so helpful and they would help you to get the best table with a best view. But in my own honest opinion, you could get a magnificent view from anywhere due to this round design. How could you resist to have a breakfast in this kind of scenery? In my own experience, a sip of tea while enjoying the view could make it even more refreshing than it used to be!

Shangri-la Taipei has a heated rooftop pool with Jacuzzi in it and it was unbelievably relaxing! the Rooftop pool itself located on 43rd floor. This pool is open for all year round, and the size of the pool is quite big! Beside the pool, there’s a Taipei 101 viewing spot, which is one of my favorite place to enjoy the landscape of Taipei. And it really is the best spot to enjoy 360 view of Taipei from up above (even better than Taipei 101 observatory deck). The viewing spot is quite windy, though. so I should warn you to take good care of any loose item that you brought.

I really enjoy my stay at Shangri-La Taipei! I really couldn’t find any bad aspect of this grand hotel. The service, the room, the scenery, the restaurant, and everything else is just perfect! I really really recommend this hotel if you visited Taipei!! #ShangrilaTaipei #ShangrilaHotels

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