Fujiko F Fujio Museum: A must-visit for Doraemon fan!

May 01, 2016


Anyone familiar with this phrase? If not, in my local language it would be "pintu ke mana saja!". Yes, it's one of the magical items from Doraemon, the most famous anime in the world. This cat robot popularity is undeniably tremendous. Along with his friends, they have their own museum, Fujiko F Fujio Museum!

What can you expect inside? Absolutely all of the works of Fujiko F Fujio, starting from Q-taro, P-man, esper mami, and of course Doraemon. There will be areas in which a camera is prohibited-usually in exhibition area where the original script and manga will be displayed-but no worries, you can still have a snap in most areas!

Located in Kawasaki, it would take about 45 mins to get to the station. After that you could walk to the museum or simply ride the doraemon-theme bus (yes, the bus is decorated with doraemon characters). Please be aware that YOU CAN'T buy the ticket on the spot. You have to buy the ticket from lawson station and you have to choose the date and time, it would be available in 2 hours basis from 8 AM till 4 PM (last entry).

Once inside, enjoy your childhood once more and don't forget to stop by at doraemon cafe. There're so many fujiko f fujio-inspired menu, and it's delicious! There will be a dorayaki stall too. I recommend you to take a queuing number for the cafe first as it usually so crowded. While you wait, you could explore the open area near the cafe, it could save you some time!


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