Kiyomizudera temple: The Croc Myth

May 07, 2016

This temple is also one of the common place to visit in Kyoto. Built without any bolt attached, this incredible temple is still strong! This temple is more spacious compare to fushimi-inari. But it's as CROWDED as fushimi-inari. A must-visit spots in kiyomizu-dera are the temple of love, the wellspring, and the super-heavy monk's stick.

At the temple of love, you will find the stone of love, you could touch it together with your beloved one and pray that your love will last forever, there will be love charms that you could buy too!

The wellspring located in the bottom part of the temple. It is believed that if you drank the wellspring, it would bring you health and wealth (yeaaah I drank it!!)

The one that's some kind of funny in my own opinion is the super-heavy monk's stick. It is said that the one who could lift that stick will be delegated a guaranteed wealth. The funny part is-IT REALLY IS HEAVY. I think the one that could lift it is a weightlifting athlete. Haha

Ah one more thing, don't forget to stop by at the grandma's store near the parking lot. This little shop sell some souvenirs and if you spend more than JPY 1000, you will get a tiny croc. Then she will tell you that this tiny croc should be placed in your wallet. According to the myth, this croc would bring back the money to the wallet.

N.B: never put 2 crocs at once in a wallet!


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