How to witness the Sunrise in Angkor Wat: The Ultimate Guide!

December 02, 2017

Siem Reap is a gem in Cambodia for some reasons, and one of 'em is the magnificent Angkor Wat!

First thing first, I recommend anyone who would go to Siem Reap to rent a tuk-tuk for the whole trip. So if you gonna spend 2 days in Siem Reap, rent tuk-tuk for 2 days at once! The place you stay could recommend a great tuk-tuk driver, the usual rate is about USD 20/day. But, I have my own recommendation based on my own experience.

I would recommend Haty Ly (my tuk-tuk driver when I was there) as he will give you a really great price. In my case, he only ask USD 25 for 2 days! (full, from airport transfer, till temple-hopping). Well, I suggest to give him some tips due to his great service and kind attitude, though! He even bought umbrellas for me and my friends when it's raining (OMG we loooove him so much!). Here's his number: +85598801787, you can send him a message via  WhatsApp to book him!

Haty Ly (The most left one)

Furthermore, he could speak in Malay and English fluently!

Now for the Angkor Wat, there's no need to buy your ticket in advance. Just buy the ticket before starting the tour. You could purchase the ticket from the official ticket booth on some building in between Siem Reap City and Angkor Wat Complex (every tuk-tuk driver knows about it, so no worries). There're 3 options, 1-day pass, 3-days pass and 7-days pass. Don't buy the ticket from anyone but this official ticket booth!

After got the ticket in your pocket, now it's time to enjoy the sunrise in Angkor Wat. Wondering where is the best place to enjoy it? The answer would be from the reflection ponds in front of the main
temple. Aaaaand you should take that postcard-like photo from the bottom left side of the main temple for the best Sunrise and Reflection (hey it's essential for your instagram feeds, right? :P)

Shameless Selfie in Tuk-tuk!

It would be crowded so I suggest to go there earlier. The Sunrise would emerge around 5:45 AM. It would be best if you depart on 4:30 AM (considering you should buy the ticket first and there would be some queue there too)

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