Microlight Experience and Witnessing Angkor Wat from up above in Cambodia!

December 27, 2017

Wondering to experience Angkor Wat in another whole new way? Then you could consider a Microlight! Angkor Wat is so magnificent, wherever you see it. But I think using a Microlight to see it is a different way to enjoy its beauty. Starting from USD 75 per pax, I think it's worth to try! you can even mount your action camera on the Microlight.

Basically, it's like a joy flight where you will ride this tiny plane in the open air for about 15 mins to enjoy the Angkor Wat Complex. Note that you CAN'T ride this plane on your own, there's a professional pilot who will ride this one for you. So just sit, relax, and enjoy the view and the breeze!

If 15 mins won't satisfy you, usually there're many providers who would offer you for more time (well of course with more bucks!). there're several options for the airplane type too, choose what's suitable with your preferences!

The place where the microlight departs is not that far from the city center. So I recommend if you have a plan to witness the sunrise at Angkor Wat, then ride Microlight the day after or the day before. Cause it's quite a distance from city center to Angkor Wat and it would be a waste of time to go back and forth.

To save your time, I would recommend to spend the rest of the day to explore the city after your Microlight Experience. I should admit there's not so much tourist attraction in Siem Reap (other than Angkor Wat Complex). But at least You could go to the Night Market and The Pub Street. If you’re a fan of Hard Rock’s café, you could pay a visit to Hard Rock Café Siem Reap too.

Well, Pub Street has "Angkor What?"—a really good slang from their own famous landmark—and it has a cheap beer. You could spend some time there, but I suggest to get your dinner somewhere else. Because, in my own opinion, the Pub Street is like one of the Tourist Trap, which is really overrated!

Whoops! (@Angkor What?)
You could go further away from those area, and trust me all the foods out there are way better!

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