The International Border of Indonesia – Papua New Guinea

November 11, 2013

Back again, still in the most eastern part of Indonesia which is a border to another country. As my previous post regarding another country, I used English instead of Indonesia Language. Okay here we go!

The International Border of Indonesia – Papua New Guinea (PNG) existed in several area along the “Bird Body” (well you could check your Google Maps). The one I visited was Skouw-Wutung. In this area, there is a gate—a big one—engraved with a broken English which appear to be the local language of PNG. In the Indonesian side, there is a market. The market is crowded with PNG people who bought Electronic and daily stuffs. In PNG side, it’s kind of lonely, and not as crowded as in the Indonesian side.

In spite of it, I went across the border—and D*mn, my cellular connection is on and it’s already changed to PNG’s Cellular Provider. It means I already in another country, I got this data roaming connection (and it really cost me MUCH). So don’t ever forget to turn off your mobile connection or at least your data connection.

Back to the caprianist core product which is food, in the border there are several sellers who sell the product of PNG. The favourite one among the tourists is TWISTIES. It’s just a little bites with a cheese flavor, and I love it too. But I think the one you don’t want to miss is the Fried Lamb. You could buy it with Rp. 50,000.- / piece. It’s just a plain fried lamb but it really is delicious. The sellers usually sell the lamb with beef sausages. Forget about the sausages though, it really is not special in every way. Oh the funny thing here is they receive Kina (PNG’s currency) and Rupiah (Indonesia’s currency) and they speak Indonesian language fluently. Don’t forget to bring home the Australian Corned Beef packed in a red package.

Even only in a border, I already found so many things to be reviewed, I wonder what would I found If I went to the Capital city of PNG, Port Moresby?

So if you’re interested. Try this stuff in Skouw-Wutung, Indonesia-PNG International Border. Enjoy! :)

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