Mountain Fuji Viewing Spot: Fuji Visitor Center

April 18, 2016

No. Don't go to this place for mountain viewing. But if you want to know Mt. Fuji history, feel free to stop by  at a small museum with exhibits and a movie about it on the first floor. Or maybe you could grab some bite in a restaurant and enjoy the scenery of Mt. Fuji in an observation deck on the second floor. But I don't recommend this place, except you want to see the beauty of the mountain blocked by so many obstacles. Total NAH! Basically, this place is an information center for travelers to Mount Fuji and the Fuji Five Lakes. So if you want to know about what lakes which is more into your preferences, feel free to gather the information from here. There is an information desk on the first floor too, and it provides details about climbing and weather conditions, as well as about tourist attractions around the mountain and Yamanashi Prefecture in general.


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