Why Staying in Ryokan would Ruin your Life

April 16, 2016

Everytime I go to explore some places, I would need some shelter. Usually I would prefer a nice and clean hotel with a good deal. But out of the blue I want something different so I tried to stay in ryokan (TWICE!!). Ryokan itself is a traditional inn in Japan. The room filled with tatami and futon (traditional japanese bed).

Usually, Ryokan is famous for its onsen (traditional japanese bath and hot springs). But no, DON'T choose ryokan for your accommodation if you don't want to ruin your life.

I stayed, I dipped myself to Onsen-and worse-for several times. Now I couldn't forget how good it is to soak in that natural hot springs (which is good for your health and your skin!), wandering in lovely yukata, delish japanese set menu, the authenticity feel of futon, and the hospitality of the staff (do you know that the staff would bow to welcome you and wave their hands non-stop until you can't see them anymore when you depart?).

See? I already ruined my life!


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