Mountain Fuji Viewing Spot: Kawaguchi Lake (Kawaguchiko)

April 19, 2016

This one is good. It would be more colorful in spring or summer, as the plant and flower already bloom at that time. Even you go in another season, this one is still great. You can choose to stay in Ryokan nearby, and if you're lucky you could get the one which provided Mt. Fuji scenery right from its onsen! Choose the one that face to Mt. Fuji would be worth it although it would be more expensive than the one in town or the one that face to Kawaguchiko. This lake is the most easily accessible of the Fuji Five Lakes with train and direct bus connections to Tokyo. Sometimes the cloud could be blocked by the clouds, though. So the best time to enjoy it from the distance is before 9 AM even on a sunny day. You could have a better chance for its visibility during spring and summer.


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