Dining in Melbourne: Ponyfish Island

June 17, 2016

Ponyfish Island

Strolling in Melbourne is not only about the arts and the music that influenced this beautiful city. Yes, Melbourne got so many things to explore. Furthermore, most of the destinations can be visited without a cost! Thanks to free tram-zone line. Start from the Queen Victoria Market, State library of Victoria,  Fitzroy Garden, till the magnificent Flinders Street Station, it really is a hassle-free service! I recommend to stay near this free tram zone if you visit Melbourne. All of this destinations are all good, but the highlight in this post is not those tourist attractions, but a floating restaurant under the Southgate Pedestrian Bridge. This retro-chic riverside venue is good for a light bite and some drinks, but I had a dinner here and it was good too!

I ordered a juice and a toast and I love the toast so much! It was great (the melted cheese is one of the best!) and it's not that expensive. The view is not that superb, but really enjoyable with a breeze along the bridge. there's a heater near the cashier if you're not into a cold temperature. the services was good too, the waiter would deliver your food. Your order number would be represented with a playing cards (I got Jack of Hearts!). The environment is so great too, you could stroll around the river after you had the good times here.

Sunset in Princes Bridge

To reach Ponyfish Island, just go to Flinders Street Station. Afterwards, go to the princes Bridge (you could have some time to relax and enjoy the sunset here too). After that, you will find there are another bridge on the other side of the lake, and that's your destination!


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