Where to find the Colorful Bathing Boxes in Australia: Brighton beach

June 09, 2016

Brighton Beach Bathing Boxes

When I was there for the first time in my entire life, The one that amaze me most is not the beach nor its beautiful sand and skyline. Yet my eyes stared at the colorful objects alongside the beach: the Bathing Boxes.

Caprianist in Brighton Beach

Approximately 80 bathing boxes available in this beach, and all of them are locked. So what are they for? Then I got the explanation from the locals that these bathing boxes may be owned privately or may be owned by the local council or similar administrative body and used as a shelter to change into and out of swimming costumes and for the safe for their belongings. I tried to find one that unlocked so in order to try it. But too bad I didn't find any! Well, taking some snaps of this beautiful bathing boxes was already enough for me, though.

Brighton beach is a little bit out of town and using a public transport would cost you much time. Furthermore, the nearest train station is still quite a distance from the bathing boxes. It would be faster if you rent a car or ride an uber to reach this place if there's no budget constraint for you, as it would be more expensive.


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