Sovereign Hill: The Open-Air Gold Museum in Ballarat

June 14, 2016

The Horses in Sovereign Hill

Melbourne got so many attractive tourist attractions as I posted before. But let's get out from the town just a lil bit. There's a small town called Ballarat, about 2 hours by train from Melbourne. This city is famous for its gold museum and its outdoor museum, Sovereign hill.

Sovereign Hill's Character

The lady in Sovereign Hills Wrote a letter

Fitting in Oldies Store

Sovereign hill packed with some shows and exhibition regarding gold. The staff here dressed up just like the people from wild wild west, they will wander around and doing some retro activities such as writing a letter using a feather-made pen. All of the building and the environment are so wild wild west too. I love the pour gold show, and I think this is a must-watch attraction. Make it perfect by experiencing the gold mine tour. I recommend to book your seat for the gold mine tour as it's the most crowded one in sovereign hill! Oh and don't forget to stop by at the retro bakery shop, cause The breads are sooooooo good and this is one of the best bakery in Australia I think! Sovereign hill is not that big, you could go around by foot but there's a horsecart (with a GIANT horse) which you can ride to wander around for additional cost.

Red Soldier in Sovereign Hills

Going to sovereign hill is so easy, especially if you take a benefit from a gold rush special time. During this special time, there will be a free coach (shuttle bus) which could take you directly to sovereign hill from ballarat station. Furthermore, the driver would give you a 10% discount coupon for the entry ticket.

Gold rush special timetable would be:

Melbourne (Southern Cross) to Ballarat 
Depart Southern Cross
 Arrive Ballarat
Monday-Friday 09:17 10:45
Saturday 09:15 10:41
Sunday 09:35 11:02
Ballarat to Melbourne (Southern Cross)
Depart Ballarat  Arrive Southern Cross 
Monday-Friday 15:52 17:13
Saturday16:19 17:39
Sunday16:19 17:39

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