Night Culinary Tour at Singapore

June 04, 2013

Still about singapore! I went to Esplanade and was craving to have a lil bit luxury, so I pick this fine-looking restaurant, SAUCE. It consists of an indoor area with a long bar and a large alfresco courtyard, and both of them looks promising. The night breeze called me so I ask the waiter fot the table in outdoor area.

The recommended one in this restaurant is the alcoholic drink. Well, as I don’t drink at all, so I chose non-alcoholic drink—which is not the signature of this restaurant. And the selection of the main course is so poor, I think it’s because people came here to drink, not eat like me haha. So I ordered the House of Fish & Chips and Cranberry Juice. The food is fine, and I love the bonito flakes on top of the Dory Fish! The beverage is fine too, but nothing so special. The special one is not for me, which is the special price for beers in Happy Hour (from 5pm-9pm for selected Beers).

I guess the main reason you should be here is the ambience. Especially if you love alcoholic drink. The ambience is loveable, you could feel the night breeze and it’s the best place to have a chit-chat. The service is as expected, it’s excellent. The waiter has a perfect product knowledge although some of them couldn’t speak in English fluently, still not a big deal cause not all of them is a local citizen, some from philippines, some from another countries. So if you interested with this restaurant, you could go to Sauce, 8 Raffles Avenue, #01-10/12 Esplanade Mall, Singapore.

After that, I step my foot to Clarke Quay. Not into the club, I had an ice cream back then (being different is okay, right?). Note di Sicilia is the place. It has not to wide ice cream selection, but the outlet looks so good in the middle of crowded clubs. 

I ordered the large one, and I could put 3 flavors in it, so I chose Fior di Latte, Pistachio, and Caramel. The combination of this 3 flavor of gelato really satisfy my sweet tooth! It’s sweet, CREAMY, and RICH! The Ice cream is so smooth, perfectly velvety, and it really is recommended. 

The only weakness is the price, it’s kinda overprice for me because the place is not that comfortable too. You couldn’t chat in this place, it’s somehow noisy and too crowded and the only available seats is in the outdoor areas, this outlet doesn’t have indoor areas. What a pity! If you interested, you could come to Note di Sicilia, 3D River Valley Road, #01-14 Clarke Quay. Enjoy Singapore! :)

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