Sushi for IDR 8000/Plate!

June 01, 2013

Hello, guys! Today I feel so gloomy, cause the weather outside is kinda unpredictable nowadays. Even so, I still love to share one new restaurant in Singapore. So here's the story: I was wandering around Orchard Road, Singapore, still amazed with all the shopping center here but suddenly, my tummy's singing. So I saw an interesting banner in Somerset area, and it leads me to a restaurant. The name is Sushi Express. It opened in 17 May 2013 and it's already been a fuss for a short time. Located in one of the shopping center in Orchard Road, this new Sushi in Town is surprisingly cheap! It's even cheaper than sushi in Indonesia. As I never mentioned the price of the food before, I guess I have to be consequent. But... AAAAAAH I CAN'T DO IT FOR THIS POST.. CAUSE AM SO EXCITED TO TELL YOU THAT THE SUSHI ONLY COST YOU SGD 1.00/PLATE! (About IDR 8000) 

Well it's only for a short time, though. In soft opening from 17-20 May 2013 to be exact. But don't you worry, cause the regular price is only SGD 1.50. Speaking of its innovation, sushi express had a hot tap water and tea bags in every single table, so we don't have to call the waiter to order an ocha. The place is good even it's crowded and they have a cute mascot. Other than that, it's just as fine as another sushi restaurant.

The selection of sushi express is rich too,from tuna to salmon, from gunkan sushi till sashimi can be found here. Oh, don't forget the dessert! Sushi express has vanilla puff, mango pudding, blueberry cheesecake, etc. And all of them tasted so fresh, my tummy could ask for more! I tried salmon sashimi, tuna gunkan, edamame, unagi etc,and for the dessert I tried all of the dessert I mentioned above  hahaha. Where could I get a delicious desserts for only SGD 1.00? I think this is the one and only place so I didn't hesitate. The services are great too, the waiter is so cute nice, friendly and flashy! Even the queue is so long, I didn't wait too much.

Unfortunately, certain sushi are sooo rare. I couldn't find any sushi roll that coming out to my table. Or sometimes for several fave dishes like unagi is already taken by someone else. The game is so clear, for the fave menu, it won't be available numerously and in contrast, the non-fave menu would always be available in a bunch. Not only that, this restaurant got a restriction of time limit. As for me,I got one hour to spend in this place before I have to take myself off--and this is the reason why I didn't snap several dishes, I was afraid that I had to go because of my time was up. But I think it's still fair enough because of the huge numbers of those who wait in queuing line.

Overall, THIS RESTAURANT IS SOOOO RECOMMENDED! It's perfect in every way and it's located in strategic position. If you're interested, kindly go to Sushi Express at 313@Somerset Store, 313 Orchard Road #B3, Singapore. Enjoy! 

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